Sunday, November 28, 2010

An adoption conundrum

Maria Stops Abortion says that the teens she has talked to will not consider placing their babies up for adoption if there is a chance that a gay couple might adopt them.

After all, the lobby groups that support gay adoption talk about it being a ‘right’ to adopt a child, but what right is left to the biological mother? Does she not have the right firstly to freedom of speech where she can say that she does not want her child to go to a homosexual couple? And secondly, does she not have the right to decide that her child who is her flesh and blood ought not to go to a homosexual couple? This talk and bluster about so-called ‘rights’ is very selective –so much so that the rights of ‘the mother of origin’ aka the biological mother are often forgotten altogether.

Selective indeed.

Note how feminists would allow women the freedom to pursue sex-selection abortions in the third trimester. They disagree with it, but they would still allow it.

They wouldn't allow this, though.

In the feminist mindset, abortion always trumps any other consideration.