Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another installment of "what's wrong with the Church"

One woman claims that the ideas of aless-than-pro-life priest has indirectly led to her child's death.

Finally I learned the truth of what happened. It began when Father Prieur decided that children like my daughter are not worthy to even be born let alone to receive any care to prolong their lives. Father Prieur, and all of the priests that followed in his ideas, effectively set a standard in Ontario (and likely beyond) that certain children were not worthy of life. The doctors, hospital and medical system at large was merely responding to that standard set by the stalwarts of the sanctity of life.

You know, what irritates me is that if Catholic teaching had actually been followed, this baby would have lived.

I'm extremely annoyed, that, if nothing else, the words of some priests earned us this reputation, (never mind the actual death of the baby!)