Saturday, November 20, 2010

French pro-abort demands the right to kill "an unwanted child"

Breathtaking honesty! I like that in a pro-abortion group.

Every year about this time, French pro-life groups hold a rosary for life to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of SOS Tout-Petits, a major pro-life group.

These rosaries are typically held in front of cathedrals or churches, and occasionally in the main square.

And you can always anticipate the hardcore leftists to show up and dump on the vigilers.

The threat is so grave that in some cities the riot police were out.

In anticipation of these events, a number of pro-abort groups issue communiques, alerts and various kinds of messages denouncing the prolife cause.

Seen on Grenoble IndyMedia:

We demand the freedom to choose to kill an unwanted child.

(Screen Shot)

Well, now we're getting to the heart of the abortion debate.

(And by the way, the prayers are working. Without much of a pro-life movement, France has closed hundreds of abortion centres in the last five years. Statism has made abortion unprofitable. Although there is greater pressure on the French State to increase the payouts for abortion.)