Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pro-abort article complains 40 Days "I regret my abortion" message is unfair

Of course it's full of the typical verbal inflation, calling quiet praying in front of the clinic "harassment". But here's the real kicker:

While I would agree that women need more safe spaces to discuss all of their emotions following an abortion, I would also challenge that there is no organization out there with ready-made sandwich boards stating "I regret choosing to parent"

Well, no one's stopping you from starting the group.

Let's see who regrets bringing their child in the world.

Let look at the faces of the people who did not fall in love with their baby, who decided that something else in their life-- education, career, money, success, lifestyle, etc. was more important than an innocent human being.

Aren't they supposed to be the reason for abortion? So that people are not tied down to their little brats?

Hm, funny how they don't want to show their faces...