Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Helping addicts shoot up is compassion?

InSite has been shown to be a successful public health initiative in more than 30 scientific research reports published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Such reports demonstrate that InSite users are more likely to seek long-term addiction treatment and to stay off the street, than users who choose to inject outside. The HIV rates in the DTES are on par with many African nations. Such blood-borne diseases are spread by sharing needles—something that is banned at InSite. And instead of using puddle water from urine-soaked alleys, participants are provided with sterile water, which reduces various kinds of horrific infection.

And how is reinforcing their addiction helping them?

"Harm prevention" DOES NOT help addicts.

Because it does not give them what they need.

What they need is GET OFF THE DRUGS.

If they get off the drugs, they won't turn tricks and get AIDS or use dirty needles.

I propose they should be locked up.

Whether they are charged with a crime is irrelevant to me. For their own good, they should be committed to some institution and allowed to dry out until they can think straight and start making rational decisions about their lives.

Because while they are on drugs, they are slaves to drugs. Giving them needles and crack pipes only facilitates that slavery. It does not end it.