Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Why abortion cannot be de-stigmatized

There's been talk online about the #ihadanabortion meme on twitter and how some people are trying to destigmatize abortion.

It's going to fail.


Because no matter how many women stand up and say "I had an abortion", it does not erase what abortion is.

Abortion is the killing of innocent human life. Period.

The purpose is to try to normalize abortion, to make it seem like it's no big deal, like lots of women do it and go on with their lives with no problem.

The only thing is that now when people look at women who had an abortion, they will say to themselves that they killed their own unborn child. A few brave souls might actually express the truth.

And of course feminists will try to get people to censor themselves and not acknowledge this uncomfortable truth. They will shout people down with : you have no right to judge! You were not in her situation! It's none of your business! You're treating women as murderers! You're misogynist!


But censorship-- whether state-sponsored or socially induced-- does not suppress the truth.

The only way to get people to change their minds on abortion is to get them to change their minds on killing innocent human beings.

But of course, that would be a dangerous path, because we've been there before, haven't we? Namely, during the various episodes of genocide in the twentieth century.

I can just see the reaction now:


Well no. It' people who don't recognize life as inviolable who are trivializing killing the innocent. 

Because they qualify which human beings have a right not to be killed.

Millions of people participated in the Holocaust in World War II. Not thousands. Millions. Millions of people were involved in  denouncing Jews, issuing the paperwork, conducting the trains, herding the victims onto the trains, guarding the camps, raiding the ghettos-- and that's BESIDES the people who issued the orders, dropped the gas pellets or who took part in firing squads.

Everyone was "just doing their job." Minding their business. Just following orders.

Did that "normalize" what was going on?

Not in the long run.

Oh it looked normal to the soldiers in the camp, and to the bureaucrats and the news announcers and  profiteers and everyone else who had a hand in the pot. None of those people would dare question what was going on, even if some of them had some doubt about the situation.

The few people who did spoke up were taken care of.

But to that world outside, it was obvious what was going on. To those in the know and who would admit it.

None of it de-stigmatized what was done.

And this isn't just a question of the "yuck" factor.

People who support abortion seem to think that we don't have a built in revulsion for killing. At least on a collective scale.

Oh sure, anyone can kill in the heat of the moment.  So long as they don't look too hard at what they're doing or think too much about it.

Which is what a lot of people did during the Holocaust.

When you apply logic in a dispassionate manner to the whole business of abortion, it's clear that it's the taking of human life, and if morality or human rights mean anything, the taking of human life is wrong.

But the pro-aborts will continue to skirt the issue. They can't confrotn it. They just can't. The moment they start to deal with this issue, they've lost and they know it.