Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Aspiring Italian priest kills himself when ordination cancelled by the Vatican

It said he wasn't mature enough.

"I wanted to become a priest and all my life was devoted to that," he wrote.

"I am fragile and I ask for forgiveness," Seidita added.

Bishop Scanavino said Seidita's receiving a fax on Monday cancelling the ordination had been "an absolute drama" for the young man from Lecce in Puglia.

The bishop quoted Deacon Seidita as saying, "over and over again": "What have I done, tell me what I've done".

I don't wish to make light of this story.

But being Catholic means being open to things not going your way.

This is Spiritual Life 101.

The fact that he thought his life was over when he was turned down suggests that he didn't get that.

And I suspect if this one great rejection in his life led him to suicide, he had mental health issues.

When you have your mind set on a particular vocation, you can never count on that particular vocation to come to fruition, because God may have other plans in mind for you. I'm only sorry that this young man did not appear to realize this.