Thursday, December 09, 2010

Jesuit Scientist States Obvious About Creation

Jesuit astrophysicist: Hawking’s theory on origin of universe is unscientific

Fr. Carreira said Hawking’s theory is “unscientific” because it contradicts the laws of physics and provides no proof for its claims, according to AVAN news agency. (...)
[Hawking's] book is only “original” in its illogical denial of human freedom in chapter one and its claims in the final chapter that “through the force of gravity, a universe created itself from nothing.” “Nothingness does not have any force or properties,” Fr. Carreira noted. It is “purely the absence of all reality.” What is evident, he continued, is that “gravity is the result of mass,” such that “since nothingness has no mass, it cannot have gravity either. It would be like saying from zero you could get a bank account.”

As George Orwell said: some ideas are so stupid only intellectuals can believe them.

This is why I could never be an atheist. The notion that anything in creation just sprang from the Void is beyond irrational.

Fr. Carreira also noted the “compatibility” of science, philosophy and theology in discovering truth. “They are all partial ways of understanding a reality that is very rich and that cannot be known by just one methodology.” All three can “complement each other in bringing about the development of human knowledge,” he added.