Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Abortioneer says: Abortion is sacred

Daughter of Wands relates how in the first month of her job, she was handed a couple of plastic fetuses. She thinks that handing these out to post-abortion clients is tasteless. She says:

In my case, I can only imagine that abortion protestors are absurdly humorous people

And here's the kicker...

who are unable to conceive that abortion is a sacred (and deeply private) rite of passage.

Sure, having your fetus sucked out of your uterus is such a rite of passage.

Especially for the millions of women who grieve over their abortions.

No, killing preborn human beings is NOT sacred. She says she's not a mom. I'm not suprised. I often find that the women who make the most ludicrous statements about abortion are those who have no children of their own. Once you've had a human being inside of you, even if you continue to support abortion rigths, you see things very differently.