Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Study: College students who attend alcohol-fuelled parties more likely to have sex with a stranger


But this is a serious subject, though.

I think we underestimate the impact of alcohol abuse on abortion.

How many women get pregnant after getting drunk and having sex?

There must be hundreds if not thousands of them every year.

If you get into a pattern of getting drunk and sleeping around, eventually you will get pregnant or a disease.

Why? Because even if contraception reduces the individual risk of pregnancy, you get sloppy when you get drunk.

That's a no-brainer.

And if you're the kind of gal who likes to get splashed, you are probably more likely to support abortion.

And if you get pregnant, your first option will be abortion.

I haven't heard too many CPC stories of college-aged girls who got pregnant while drunk but decided to keep their babies. There's a reason for that.

If we could reduce college drinking (and especially drunkenness) that would probably cut the abortion rate by a significant amount.