Monday, March 07, 2011

The lies of Fr. Raymond Gravel

But he is certain LifeSiteNews is to blame for his dismissal.

“My problems with the Vatican authorities all flow from the evil, the lies and the half-truths from LSN, such that hundreds of well-intentioned people who never bothered to check their sources wrote to Rome to get me punished.”

So let me get this straight, Fr. Gravel, your opposition to same-sex marriage, and your support of legal abortion had nothing to do with your dismissal?

Really? Nothing at all? You don't think the Vatican would discipline this kind of opposition of Catholic teaching, especially in the political arena?

What’s more, Father Gravel insists in his lawsuit that he “is against abortion and considers that human life is sacred and that abortion is always a tragedy in our contemporary societies and that we must do everything we can, with all due respect to the persons concerned, to reduce the number of abortions performed in Quebec and Canada.”

Except actually protect the number one victims of abortion, which are unborn children. MILLIONS of unborn children have died since 1968. Not nearly as many women died from self-inflicted abortions. But hey, what's a few million fetuses when it comes to political correctness? Women who don't want to die of abortions can just not have them. A baby who doesn't want to die of abortion has no protection except the law. But don't let that simple fact of logic confuse you, your mind is made up.

Father Gravel also called “bizarre” the belief system of the “religious right” which is “ready to shoot doctors who perform abortions and who are for the most part supportive of the death penalty for criminals.”

Who shoots abortionists in this country? The people who have done that were Americans, and they were resoundly condemned by Canadians. We thoroughly oppose this action, and so does the mainstream pro-life movement. But don't bother to get the facts or anything. And as for the death penalty, given the heavy influence of the Catholic Church on the pro-life movement in Canada, there is actually a lot of opposition to it. I am confident that if any politician had the temerity to introduce a bill to implement capital punishment, Campaign Life Coalition, because of its strong Catholic influence, would oppose it. And note that LifesiteNews has also run articles in support of criminals on death row.

 And he noted that he has the support of “the very great majority of Quebeckers” as well as “many priests and bishops” and insisted “nobody in the province where I work wants to excommunicate me from the Church.”

Yeah we know that. Nobody has the guts or the orthodoxy to do it.

In his statement of claim, Father Gravel also said that LifeSiteNews “defendants even tried to discriminate against the plaintiff regarding his sexual orientation, alleging that the plaintiff is a homosexual.”

If the label fits, wear it.

“The plaintiff does not praise Henry Morgentaler but recognizes that the abortions he performed have saved the lives and mental health, in some cases, of women who were victims of rape and completely traumatized by their unwanted pregnancies.”

And he only had to kill unborn children to do it. What's 50 000 human lives?

It is clear to me that Fr. Gravel  treats people on the religious right as if they were stereotypes, and doesn't actually bother to investigate what we're all about.