Monday, March 07, 2011

French abortion numbers are up, according to pro-abort conference

A pro-abort conference titled "How can we protect the right to abortion in 2011?" reported that in 2009, France reported 237 000 abortions in 2009 versus 213.380 in 2007.

A parliamentary report due out in spring will suggest that France implement a national system of free and anonymous birth control for all young women.

So let's see, France already has one of the highest contraception rates in the world and they have a high abortion rate and they want to throw more contraception at it. What do you suppose will be the outcome of the abortion rate if that policy is implemented?

Obviously, the abortion rate will go up, because more women will have sex and more contraception failures will occur.

Another interesting tidbit: 83% of French women are not willing to act to defend the right to abortion.

(More info in French).

Note that abortion rights activists in France are worried about the future of abortion (as you can tell). A number of abortion centres have closed recently. It's one of the ironies of France's socialist system that it has made abortion unprofitable, so when given a chance, hospitals try to shut down their abortion practices. The pro-life movement in France is alive, but it is very faith-driven. They pray a lot of rosaries on church steps. The police have to come out to protect them from the pro-abortion thugs throwing things at them. This is not an exaggeration.