Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Belgian Archbishop gets pie in the face...not once...but four times

Msgr Leonard of Brussels has been a strong defender of life and traditional values in Belgium.

And for this he has earned the ire of homofascist activists. He was pied once as he entered the university building and three times when he entered the room.

I don't usually use the term "homofascist" but when you want to censor people using aggression, that is what you are: a fascist.

I've noticed a pattern with leftists. When they don't like your message, they try to censor you. They do this with abortion and they do this with homosexuality.

The pro-aborts slogan is "trust women" but it never seems to apply when it comes to ideas. The message seems to be Don't Trust Women (or men) to make their own judgements about what's true or not.

But you know what? Msgr Leonard isn't going to back down. And it only makes the homofascists look like adolescents unable to debate properly.

It mystifies me that people think that this kind of behaviour advances their cause.

And oh, by the way, the video calls for more such assaults against people who support traditional values.

Way to go, brown shirts. Violence and silliness. What a lethal mix to your cause. How do you people expect anyone to take you seriously?