Wednesday, April 06, 2011

You know how they say that abortions laws don't stop abortions?

But that's only if abortion laws are not enforced.

Case in point: Jamaica.

50% of GPs and 71% of obstetricians had performed abortions, despite it being illegal.

And interestingly:

only 25.3% had moral or religious objections, and only 9.4% refused to perform abortions because they were illegal.

If 10% of your doctors are not deterred by the law, then there's your problem.

I suspect enforcement is lax in Jamaica if only ten per cent of doctors are not deterred by the law.

And another problem is that most doctors do not appear to have a moral problem with abortion.

This underscores two points:

1) You can't compare situations where abortion is legal with countries where abortion is illegal, but laws are not well enforced.

2) In order to effectively criminalize abortions, doctors must be onside.

If doctors are willing to perform abortions, you can have all the abortion laws in the world, the medical establishment will effectively lobby to legalize them, using their "medical expertise" to counter pro-life facts.