Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Fr. Rosica slams LifeSiteNews and Catholic Bloggers...Again


What expertise does Father Rosica have on this issue?

I mean, besides a degree in Communications?

Does he actually spend time reading blogs? And by that I don't mean "official blogs" like the kind from Salt N Light that censor what people are really thinking...

Like grassroots Catholic blogs.

"We have rules among the staff. We don't put things on the blog that are deprecating, implicating, or foolish," Father Rosica said. "Websites and blogs, especially Catholic ones, tend to concentrate on negative messages."

What negative messages would those be, per chance?

That professional Catholics are screwing up the Church?

Ah, I see where he might feel alienated by that message.

Father Rosica said a study of Catholic blogs involving non-Catholics and non-Christians looking at Catholic blogs found they were filled with "filth, hate, conjecture, and innuendo."

You mean like this statement? Where's the study?

He says Catholic blogs shouldn't be deprecating, but he deprecates.

Another case of do as I say, not as I do?

Many of these blogs often have "vitriolic, vindictive messages," he said, citing the LifeSite News blog as a major culprit.

But he never mentions whether what is being said is true.

"The LifeSite blog is not a Catholic blog. It is not an authoritative blog," he said. "It has caused huge problems in the North American church, not just in Canada."

This is where Fr. Rosica shows his lack of knowledge.

LifesiteNews is not really a blog. It's a news gathering source, whose articles are used by other blogs. It existed even before the advent of blogs.

LifeSite and other blogs, Father Rosica said, are especially dangerous when many priests "read the blogs more than they read the Scriptures or the Vatican website." He said many laypeople are referencing the blogs more than the authoritative teachings of the Church.

Well maybe if the priests spoke up on the teachings of the Church, including those that have hard sayings maybe this would not be such a problem.

"Some blogs have coarsened Catholic dialogue in the past years: the anti-Obama Catholic blogs; the so-called pro-life blogs, that may be advocating pro-life, but they are decimating persons and reputations," Father Rosica noted.

Some people deserve to be put down, and some people have false reputations.

Fr. Rosica constantly shows more concern about niceness than Truth.