Friday, April 29, 2011

More Blowback from Development and Peace Supporters

The campaign to fight back against LifeSiteNews et al. and their of the Development and Peace scandal continues.

This article is from Radio Ville-Marie and documents the outrage of certain Quebec Catholics against the campaign by LifeSiteNews.

Note: they never name the other bloggers involved in this fight.

There are many things I find disgusting about this article.

But there's one emerging development that is becoming patently clear.

At least in the Quebec press, it's no longer only about left vs. right, orthodoxy vs. dissent but more and more about English vs. French.

The Catholic hierarchy MUST denounce this racist hypocrisy from these so-called progressives.

When you read the Quebec press about this, the journalists or commentators are quick to point out that these allegations come from English Canada.

I grew up in Quebec City as an Anglo and I know exactly what this means. Every Anglo would know what this means.

They are trying to discredit LifeSite's allegations by playing up how it comes from outside of Quebec. Because in Quebec, there is always an underlying sense that the English are out to get you.

In Quebec-- French: good. English: bad.

As long as this is the theme they play up, there is a sense that nobody has to really find out what is being said. Because French good, English bad. That's all that matters.

So then you get passages like this:

Mais les conclusions du rapport ont toujours été balayées du revers de la main par LifeSiteNews et d’autres blogues anglophones qui les estiment bâclées et fantoches. Du coup, ils ont poursuivi leurs « enquêtes internationales » sur l’organisme catholique principalement depuis leurs ordinateurs en Ontario.

The allegation made here is that D & P's detractors continue their "international investigation" mainly from their computers in Ontario.

"Ontario" was no accident.

They didn't have to mention Ontario. But they did.

French good, English bad.

The article quotes a letter that is being circulated among Development and Peace supporters:

« Ces groupes intégristes, dont LifeSiteNews au Canada, reviennent à la charge dans leur tentative de diviser l’Église en mettant en opposition certains évêques conservateurs qui les appuient et la Conférence épiscopale canadienne dans son entier qui, selon ces fanatiques, aurait abandonné la vraie foi et les enseignements du magistère ! », avance-t-elle dans l’un de ses paragraphes.

Translation: These fundamentalist groups, including LifesiteNews from Canada [as if it were relevant, or that nobody knew it was from there!] try to divide the Church, by opposing conservative bishops to the Canadian episcopal conference in its entirety, who, according to these fanatics, have abandoned the truth faith and the teachings of the Magisterium.

Notice: these English conservative bishops are opposed to the entire episcopal conference, a large number of whom are French Canadian or of French Canadian descent.

And the really ironic thing is how these dissenters are trying to use the authority of the bishops to quash this thing, when they themselves feel perfectly free to disobey the pope.

As they say in French: du n'importe quoi. They're just making it up as they go along.

But maybe it's good that the blowback begins. Bishops must begin to speak out. We will see who is truly pro-life and who isn't. The truth will out.