Sunday, May 01, 2011

Another angle on the Jack Layton Story

Gay Caswell makes a great point:

In 1996 NDP leader Jack Layton was caught in a police raid of an illicit massage parlour in the Chinatown of Toronto. These massage parlours are known as Rub and Tug places where drugs and other illicit activities including of course prostitution, male and female operate. Mr. Layton was found naked on his back. A not necessary condition or position for a medical massage.

So what is the response? The Toronto police are required to investigate the “leak”. They are not required to investigate the thousand illicit massage parlours which are part of drug ,prostitution rings of the mafia. They are required to investigate who told the public what the public has a right to know. The hand of Premier McGinty , Liberal and his crew is not so invisible in this.