Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cybertronian channels a generation of faithful Catholic men

Memo to the professional Catholics of Canada:

People, time to cut the bull****. You would think that Jesus is some Mr Rogers type character going around colouring banners especially the way that generation passes Him off as. Am I being uncharitable? No,..I'm being a guy who was once a boy who had to choose between hockey practice in the morning or catechism with Father Fruitloop. At ten years old, I chose hockey practice, not because I rejected Jesus, I simply rejected the crappy assault on my nature perpetrated by an agenda laden generation intent on feminizing the culture. Men are men and women are women.

Why the aggressivity you ask?,.Well,.because I had to sit through confirmations and witness an all out assault on the liturgy, (guess I should be disensitized by now...) and now we were told about our 'feelings'..Then we wonder why the west is in the shape its in. Friends of mine who are secular or Catholic by culture wonder why I practice my Faith, knowing that I'm a sinner, yet still striving for holiness. When I get asked questions regarding philosophy and objective truth, St Thomas,..the Cross,..etc...I answer about how cool the Mass is, then when the Church is full of these secular people, they(liturgy commitee..) break out their syrupy stupidity and lo and behold they wonder aloud why there are no vocations? Grey haired freakos,..yes you,..the ones who don't have the balls to write an intelligent comment and who instead flood my hotmail under the name 'anonymous,' you know who you are,...Here is your call to action: The next time you find the Pope too insensitive or whatever, look up from your pew, see the exit sign, or fire escape for all I care and leave! There is an anglican Church somewhere who I'm sure will tolerate you even worshipping Baal...Just stop trying to harm the Church, because you will ultimately lose.

I object.

I'm a woman and I don't like Father Fruitloop's liturgy either.

Women like talking about their feelings. It doesn't mean they can't tell the difference between substance and pap!