Saturday, May 28, 2011

The future of reproduction: artificial wombs

From people who don't get gender:

With artificial wombs, mothers-to-be can skip maternity leaves, and certain physical vocations—like athletics and dance—will not be impacted because health won’t be compromised. Women’s competitiveness in certain areas—like politics and high finance—would subsequently accelerate. Shulamith Firestone opined that “once women break free from the tyranny of their reproductive biology, they could achieve full equality with men.”

It all sounds so good.

But it won't happen that way.

Women will be further objectified because their own humanity, that is, their ability to reproduce, will be denied of them.

Women who decided to have babies the old-fashioned way will be discriminated against. You don't have to be pregnant, so why should society honour your choices?

This is just an extension of the contraceptive mentality. Society will only be the more miserable for it.