Sunday, May 29, 2011

People who dump on Christianity think they're so tough

Ian Robinson:

I don’t have any kind of edgy street cred because I’m not in a punk band. Kinsella is and I think it’s just adorable people in the twilight of their lives still play in bands nobody’s heard of while popping Lipitor — not to mention Viagra on the off chance one of their peers rushes the stage waving a flag-sized pair of granny panties.

But bottom line is guys like Kinsella and the no-names in Living With Lions don’t take on “organized religion” now, do they?

They take on Christianity.

That was kind of edgy … in 1966. Today, not so much.

Add to that the fact ranting against Christianity is kind of like kicking an old lady.

Christians are prohibited by their faith from rising up in high dudgeon and kicking your ass. They’re supposed to turn the other cheek.

So when you piss off Christians by portraying their saviour as a piece of crap, they tend to write stern letters to the editor and their MP.

While Christianity has its share of nutjobs (See: Camping, Harold — Apocalyse Not) when you annoy them they don’t riot in the streets. They don’t attack embassies. They don’t kill members of other religions.

I would add that the Christian nutjobs are often lone or marginal actors who are subject to ridicule and condemnation by mainstream Christians.

However, in Islam, supporting terrorism is not a marginal viewpoint, especially in the Islamic world.

When you offend a Christian, they say "I'll pray for you."

When you offend a radical Muslim, they threaten to kill you.

 Perhaps that's the reason why people like  to pick on Christianity rather than Islam.