Monday, May 09, 2011

Development and Peace: the Truth will Out

Steve writes at SoCon or Bust:

When you have both the alleged co-author of the report (+Currie) and a prominent Archbishop (+Prendergast) both throwing the report under the bus within the same month, the writing was on the wall for the CCCB. Neither of the two catalysts above could have happened without LifeSiteNews and the blogs. It was LSN and the blogs that provided Archbishop Prendergast with the evidence to realize that the Centre PRODH was not squeaky clean. It was LSN that interceded with Archbishop Prendergast to cancel the visit. It was LSN that interviewed Archbishop Currie and obtained a confession from him.


Yet, the CCCB statement doesn’t express any gratitude in their statement to Fr. Lacaille. Au contraire, they pulled no punches in blasting blogs and the social media for stirring the pot. They made every effort to make sure that no credit was attributed to them. They use our evidence but treat us as monsters.

Honestly, we don’t do this to gain credit. But the schizophrenic nature of the CCCB statement is troubling. It betrays the divisions among the episcopacy.

People don't give you credit for making them look bad.

That being said, the truth will out. It's only a matter of time. If you keep telling the truth, they have to react.