Monday, May 09, 2011

I don't expect a whole lot from the Conservatives

Which is probably why they were voted in.

It was Stephen Harper’s surprise campaign pledge: The Conservatives would erase Canada’s deficit in three years rather than four.

Oh joy. Meanwhile, we continue to accrue interest on the deficit and debt.

Now federal public servants will be under pressure to cut programs and trim staff to the tune of $11-billion over four years to deliver the Prime Minister’s promise.

Are you kidding me? Is this Canada we're talking about?

When the cuts come, the unions will react.

I expect that Harper and his government will fold. They do not have any spine.

Take something as un-controversial as reigning in the Human Rights Commissions. Did anything happen on that front? Would Harper have lost a single vote if had moved against them? No. Did he move? No.

With Stockwell Day gone, the Prime Minister must choose someone to lead this push for restraint as Treasury Board President.

For pity's sake, appoint Maxime Bernier. He might do something serious about reducing the size of government.

Says John Baird:

“I do think out of $278-billion we spend a year, I think we could find $4-billion annually without slashing and burning the public service,” he said in an interview with The Globe and Mail, stating some programs – like subsidies to political parties – will end.

Then what was the point of voting Tory?