Sunday, May 15, 2011

NZ: School Counsellor Arranges Secret Abortion

They can't hand out an aspirin without your permission, but they can arrange for your daughter to have surgery without your knowledge.

She said the law catered for the "lowest common denominator" – pregnancy as a result of incest or rape, but girls sometimes did not want to tell their parents for fear they would react badly or demand prosecutions for statutory rape if their daughters were under 16.

Wouldn't want prosecutions for statutory rape now, would we?

"If that protection disappeared, you can pretty well guarantee the young person won't tell the counsellor a thing – particularly the thing you need them to talk about."

You mean the way that parents can't tell their doctors just any old thing for fear they might be charged with abuse? That kind of lack of confidentiality?

Guidance counsellor Helen Bissett said the situation could be an "ethical nightmare", and a number of schools now had wellness centres so girls could see a nurse, not a counsellor.

Because it makes all the difference whether the abortion is arranged by a counsellor or a nurse. *Roll eyes*.