Monday, June 06, 2011

Advice to Tories

Gerry Nicholls:

Of course, to be fair to the Prime Minister, his majority government is just getting started and it's possible he may yet provide principled, conservative leadership.

But then again, a temptation always exists for a political leader to betray his most loyal supporters, because they have "no place else to go."

That's why it's important for rank and file conservatives to let the Prime Minister know they won't tolerate being taken for granted. If you're upset with the direction the government is taking, it's easy to make your displeasure known: Don't send the Conservative party your usual financial con-tribution. And let the party know why you're not sending in a cheque. After all, if conservatives don't act to keep the party in line, nobody will.

That would be bad for Canada's conservative movement, bad for the Conservative party, but most of all it would be bad for our country.

If we want the Conservatives to advance a conservative agenda, then we must keep their feet to the fire.

We have to stop thinking purely in terms of stopping the next left-wing government from being elected.

That is a loser attitude.

If we elect a right-wing government that placates left-wing voters (who won't vote for them anyway) we screw ourselves.

The point of pushing for a conservative party is not to stop the Liberals.

The point is to implement conservative policies.

And if we don't demand conservative policies and if we keep rewarding Conservatives with our votes and our money, we will never get it. And our effort and donations will be all for naught.

I get the feeling that some Tories are so happy to be in power that they don't want to jeopardize their position.

Tories who fear losing elections more than not implementing right-wing policies are sell-outs. They're Red Tories pure and simple and they have to be booted out.

Do not be content with simply being elected. DEMAND that right-wing policies be applied. And if they don't then the Conservatives should lose.

I realize that in the short term it will mean more left-wing damage, as this may allow a left-wing party to be elected.

However, this is all necessary in order to make Conservative elites understand that they cannot take our votes for granted. They must follow through with the right-wing agenda. And if they don't, they won't get elected. That's the only thing they must understand. And if they don't understand it, there's no point in being an activist for the Right.