Monday, June 06, 2011

Highlights of the Continuing D & P Scandal

SoCon or Bust has details.

I think one of the ideas that we should be pushing (among others) is that orthodoxy is not extremist and should not be extremist in our Church.

That dissidents and bishops feel free to treat orthodoxy is a scandal in itself.

They think that they're being orthodox by advancing a socialist agenda.

Although I think that issues like the degree of government intervention are debatable in the Catholic faith, some political issues are not. For instance, the idea that the ONLY way to serve the poor is through statism.

This scandal is not only about abortion, although it is very central. It's philosophical. I just wish, for once, we'd have the damned debate, out in the open, with everyone saying exactly what we think so that hopefully bishops and maybe even the Vatican can come out and say what's what.

I'm confident whose side would win.

I'm confident that the socialists in the Church would be confounded and marginalized in the end.

But maybe that's why this debate is not happening. They do not have the courage of their convictions. On some level, the bishops and professional Catholic class must know that there is a risk of schism, if only de facto, if the debate goes ahead. And goodness knows, liberal Catholics don't want to risk losing the Catholic brand by breaking with the pope. No pope, no Catholicism.

Of course, this is a hypocritical stance.

Which is why this scandal annoys me to no end. A lot of it is just PR and posing. Let's get their take on Magisterial Catholicism. Let's see what the decisional bodies in our church have to say about their stances. Let's just have it out.