Friday, June 17, 2011

Canadian Catholic Bishops issue statement on Development and Peace

And say nothing of substance. They simply pledge to "dialogue".

Could someone in the episcopacy come out with something relatively candid and substantial on this topic, instead of relying on platitudes?

Bishops are supposed to be like fathers. I wouldn't expect a father to be coarse or harsh, but fathers use plain language with their kids. I find the bishops use a lot of langue de bois, or politicalese when they speak about Church issues. It makes me feel like they're acting like politicians and not parental figures.

Once in a while, I wish someone would be candid in the clergy. I didn't even mind Fr. Rosica calling us Taliban, or Bishop Fred Henry dumping on pro-lifers. When people say what they think, we can have an authentic conversation and not a diplomatic negotiation. We're family, not rival political parties.