Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catholic bishops in the public square, in a nutshell

SoCon or Bust:

You see, folks, when you see a bishop come out strongly against gay “marriage”, it really doesn’t tell us too much about what he really believes. In fact, many of these bishops just talk a good line in order to give themselves political “cover” against the “conservative” factions of the church. Sure, they’ll sign a strong statement defending marriage or put out a strongly-worded press release. They might even go on a radio program to defend the Church’s teaching, but wink-wink, nudge-nudge, it’s really all for show. No one is going to get hurt here. There’ll be no excommunications. There’ll be no disciplinary action. There’ll be no stripping of the name “Catholic” from schools or organizations who betray the faith. In short, it’s all about paper opposition. It’s just another uncomfortable, political issue that will be water under the bridge in a week or so. Time to move on. More important things to address, you know. And so it goes…issue after issue…decade after decade.

For the simple reason that many of them are homosexuals themselves, or at the very least homosexualist sympathizers. When you eliminate all of the other possibilities, the remaining one, however improbable or inconvenient, is the truth.

You can know which bishops are truly orthodox in the Canadian Church, and which aren't.

Look at the bishops are willing to put their necks on the line.

The bishops who are willing to get into the trenches, confront evil, and speak plainly about it, those are the orthodox bishops.

The bishops who only address issues in a politically correct manner, who never call evil by its name, and who only use diplomatic politicalese to take about the faith (when it's not just pap), well...those ones are using orthodoxy for a cover. When they don't actually contradict Church teaching.

I think many bishops have this strange idea that they have to save the furniture (to borrow a Quebec phrase) when they are in the public square: that they must save the schools, save the church heritage funds, the charitable tax status and so forth, when they act in public, as if that's what really mattered.

There is no point to having beautiful churches, Catholic schools, a charitable status and so forth if the Catholic faith is not taught plainly.

It would be better for Catholics to attend Mass in a tent using dollar store vessels than for bishops to forsake teaching the Catholic faith.

I love beautiful churches. It kills me when I see one being sold off or demolitioned. But what's more beautiful, the church, or the truth that justifies its existence? It would be far better to destroy St. Joseph's Oratory or Ste. Anne de Beaupré rather than one point of faith be betrayed.
I could go on in the same vein about Catholic schools and taxes.

Our strength is our fidelity. You can't compromise with the truth.