Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mugabe’s communion angers Africa


If they won't deny communion to pro-aborts, giving it to murderous dictators is only the next step.

Cardinal Wilfried Napier tried to throw water over the firestorm of problems, explaining that «for any Christian, the reception of communion is a personal matter, consciously made in front of God. As such, it is a matter for the ‘internal forum’, in other words the space between God and the believer. No-one, except Mugabe, and perhaps his confessor, can know if he was in a state of grace when he presented himself to receive communion in St. Peter’s Square. It is not up to us to ask Mugabe about his "internal forum"»

What a load of bulls***.

It is not just a matter of internal forum.

He is a known human rights violator and his behaviour causes scandal to the Church.

Did he publicly repent of his actions (which would be required in cases of internal forum) No? Then he has not repented and cannot be assumed to be in a state of grace.