Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Development and Peace Scandal: Fr. Arriaga Answers the Charges

In a letter to the Chancellor to the Archdiocese of Ottawa sent last April.

In the article you mention in your letter, Center Prodh is falsely and without foundation accused of having supported Mexican legislation related to abortion. Allow me to clarify this issue.

Without losing their respective identities, non-governmental organizations come together in open and heterogeneous spaces with groups with different interests and perspectives, in order to combine their forces in certain specific processes. In these circles, Center Prodh participates as an equal in making decisions, and maintains its autonomy and independence.

No dice, Fr. Arriaga. You lent your organization's name to a document that sought to violate the rights of unborn children. Imagine if you had been a pro-life group lending your name to a document that sought to violate the rights of another group. It would be unconscienable.

As a prestigious human rights organization, Center Prodh maintains a close relationship with national organizations such as the Network of All Rights for All, Amnesty International Mexico, Fundar, and at the international level with the International Coalition of Human Rights Organizations, the World Organization Against Torture, and Human Rights Watch, among others. Some of these organizations do not belong to, and are not related to, the work of the Catholic Church. Nonetheless, they are excellent allies in concrete cases which benefit specific individuals.

And in associating yourself to them in their quest to fight against the rights of unborn children, you make your organization a tool of their attempt to legalize child-killing.

In no part of the document is it stated that all of the themes are endorsed by all of the organizations, but rather that in collaboration a general perspective is being provided.

Ooooooooh, so that makes it okay. Do you think we're stupid or something? Do you understand that when you sign a document, you are signing on to its contents. You can't sign a document and then say "well, we really didn't mean it." You mean you would sign a document that calls for legalized child-killing, thinking that people wouldn't believe that you support that? Really?

The paragraphs dedicated to this sensitive topic were contributed by other organizations, as this is not a topic on which Center Prodh works,

You didn't think, in your mind, that it was true, but it was never said in the document that you disagreed, and you just imagined that people would psychically understand that you didn't agree with that part. Come on!

In relation to my participation in a Forum on violence against women organized by Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir I would like to clarify my participation

So you actually admit to participating to a forum organized by people who seek to legalize child-killing? Did it never occur to you that you, as a priest, might be lending credibility to their cause by showing up? Of course not.

In this space many priests were invited to talk about violence against women, tragically a reality which continues to be a systematic practice in Mexico. My exposition was on the violence committed by state agents against women in Mexico; specifically I spoke of the case of San Salvador Atenco, in which Center Prodh is representing the victims. During my intervention I never addressed the subject of abortion.

You're in a room full of people who support violating the rights of the unborn, but you said nothing about abortion. Yeah, that makes it all better. Not.

You think you're actually HELPING your cause with this letter. You're not. You're just reinforcing the idea that you simply do not care about the rights of the unborn, and you're willing to build your human rights ministry at their expense which is completely unacceptable. Notably absent in the letter is a profession to believe in the rights of unborn children to be legally protected. You simply assert a vague idea about "believing the church's position on abortion". Since leftists often misconstrue the Church's position on abortion, we don't actually know what that means. We don't really know what you think about abortion.
Listen Development and Peace: the only thing that's going to make it all better is that you sign to the idea that you cannot advance the rights of born people at expense of the rights of the unborn. You can't give money to pro-abortion groups, willfully ignorant of the idea that they're using your money and your credibility to advance their abortion agenda.

Until you start understanding this, this scandal will not go away.