Monday, June 13, 2011

Ontario's Human Rights System Must Be Abolished

Chris Schafer:
What Ontario’s “human rights” advocates fail to heed is that discrimination ought to be universally available to everyone. It is a natural part of individual behaviour. We discriminate every day in the food we eat, the music we listen to, and the friends we keep. In fact, the right of individuals to make choices, or in other words discriminate, is a fundamental aspect of a free society, tied to such genuine rights as freedom of association and contractual freedom.

...What visible minorities, gays, and other enumerated groups under Ontario’s “human rights” system must come to see is that what they are now doing through the Tribunal is the same thing that was once wrongly done to them. They are using the coercive power of the state for private purposes; to compel people to serve them, to forbid individuals from expressing their opinion, etc. However, if history has taught us one lesson, it is that a government that is powerful enough to outlaw discrimination by individuals is also a government powerful enough to compel discrimination when the public mood of the majority changes. This is why Ontario’s human rights system must be abolished.