Thursday, July 21, 2011

(French) Interview with Fr. Dowd, new auxiliary bishop of Montreal

For those of you who know French, this may be of interest. It's a radio interview from Radio-Canada (Canadian statist media) regarding the new auxiliary bishop of Montreal, Fr. Thomas Dowd.

It includes many interesting tidbits. For instance, Fr. Dowd has a business degree from Concordia, and worked as a manager before becoming a priest. His background is in inter-cultural co-operation, and he's used it in ecumenical dialogue.

Also, when asked by the interviewer about women's ordination, Fr. Dowd had a very shrewd answer. He said that what the Church was trying to look at was how to get the best use out of women's talents.

You can tell the man has a background in communications.

I think he's a keeper. :)