Thursday, July 21, 2011

Irish priests say they will fight law that would force them to reveal secret of confessional

But my prediction is that if this law passes, a number will cave.

Why do I think that? Because there's nothing sacred to the clergy anymore.

They cave on Communion. On homosexuality. On fidelity to the Magisterium. Women's ordination.

Why would it be any different with the Seal of the Confessional?

You see clergyman, if you don't uphold the standards of the church on other issues, people are not going to believe you when it comes to the Seal of the Confessional. The best predictor of future results is past results.

If I were a criminal, I would be leary of confessing my sin to a priest, unless I knew him to be very faithful.

Catholics, I know the Seal of the Confessional is of the highest importance, and that makes you think it won't be betrayed.

If the law passes, it will be. It's like same-sex marriage, once the law was passed, priests started conducting blessings.