Thursday, July 21, 2011

Generation X Women not having kids or high-powered careers

Daily Mail:

But a new study of university-educated Generation X women (those born between 1965 and 1978) reveals that 43 per cent are not mothers. It means almost half of these women are putting their all into their careers. They’re just not doing as well as the men.

What's wrong with not wanting to be in a high-strung career?

Maybe the problem is that men are so ambitious they're willing to sacrifice quality of life to get ahead.

Now, it could mean that men might accomplish more. They might get more credit.

The truth is feminists, men will always rule the world precisely because of their willingness and ability to put their work ahead of everything else (among other reasons).

But is it such a bad thing that women just aren't that keen on working eighty-hour weeks and want some quality of life for themselves?


Now some feminists might be dismayed that so many women drop out of corporate culture. It means that women surrender a lot of influence and decision-making power in our culture.

So what?

Should women have to live up to an ideology?

I suspect that feminists will resent that corporate culture is so oriented towards male traits and values.

But reality has its own rules. If men are more willing and able to push through the stress (and some men get off on it, actually) they will get ahead. And if women don't want that stress, they will be left behind.

You can't redesign reality and the rules of efficiency and profit.

Instead of fighting against these realities, which are not wrong in and of themselves: just embrace them.

Men and women would be a lot happier that way.

H/T: Oz Conservative