Monday, October 10, 2011

Canadian Study Sheds Light on Contraceptive Failure and Abortion

A study of 108 of abortion clients in a clinic in the BC Interior reveals that at the time of conception:

42% did not use contraception.

Contraception was not used by 25% of women presenting for repeat abortion.

31% of women used oral contraceptives.

24% used condoms.

3% used a copper IUD.

15% used two or more methods of contraception.

34% reported satisfaction with their method of contraception at the time of conception.


Norman, WV, Chiles, J, Turner, C
University of British Columbia Abortion Research Team
Contraception Vol. 84 issue 3, p. 22

So, if you get your teen daughter on The Pill, you'll never have to worry about her getting pregnant -- ever. #sarcasm

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