Tuesday, October 11, 2011

US Study concludes most abortion clients not upset by abortion protesters

Just in time for 40 Days for Life.

Title: Effect of Clinic Protesters on Women's Emotional Response to Abortion. (Right column, second last abstract.)

A study of 725 abortion clients conducted at 25 U.S. sites between 2008 and 2010 reveals:

49% reported having seen a protester.

29% reported being spoken to.

17% said protester tried to stop them from entering.

Of all those who had seen a protester, nearly half said that they were not at all upset.

25% said they were a little upset.

15% said that they were "a lot" or "extremely upset".

Women who had difficulty with the abortion decision were most likely to report being upset by protesters.

CONCLUSION: "Protesters do upset some women seeking abortion services. However, the effect of exposure to protesters does not seem to have an effect on emotions toward the abortion 1 week later."

Source: Foster, D. Barar R., Gould H., Weitz, T.
University of San Francisco

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