Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Feminist shocked that mothers are marginalized among feminists

Newsflash: as long as you making female biology, and therefore reproduction, the problem, then parenting will be marginalized.

Feminists can't say: women have to be able to be like men, then expect women to be supported when they don't act like men. If parenting is what hinders women-- and it can, as it's practically impossible to have many children and be a CEO-- then don't be surprised if mothers are marginalized. They are the problem. They hinder the cause of "women" in the collective.

I understand that feminists want their cake and eat it, too. They want all reproductive choices to be supported, and they want the advancement of women. They want women to earn as much as men, to be as successful in the workforce as men, and to be as powerful as men.

But it doesn't work that way.

When you have kids, your relationship with people and with society changes, and no sense of entitlement will ever change that reality. You are saddled with kids, so to speak. Kids are wonderful. Having kids is extremely beneficial for society. But it doesn't bring home the bacon, it doesn't give you seniority, it won't advance you in your career and it won't give you any political power of any sort, at least in the short term. You have a responsibility that takes up time, energy and resources that will not be devoted to efforts outside the home. This totally puts you at a disadvantage with men.

It doesn't mean that you, individually, cannot succeed in your chosen field. It means that you might have to wait until your childbearing is over. It could mean that you'll have a career first for 10 or 15 years, then "retire". It might mean you that you need a Grandma in your life to help raise the children when you work. Or you might have to work part time.

Men do not have these concerns.That's why they are at a distinct advantage, and-- brace  yourselves-- always will be.

Smart feminists realize that. At least they realize that's the status quo. Their only problem is that their values are skewed. Childbearing is a problem for them. In their purview women MUST be equal to men in every single way possible, whether women want it or not, otherwise, women suffer from injustice. Childbearing hinders that advancement.

This is why motherhood and its issues are marginalized among feminists.

And I haven't even begun to touch the women-as-mothers meme that feminists hate so much.

Feminists have not come to terms with female biology. That's why they are such ardent supporters of abortion. They are at war with the way women are made.