Wednesday, November 02, 2011

French satirical newspaper firebombed after prophet Mohammed announcement

But Muslims pose no threat whatsoever to Western values.

Look, I'm not the kind of person to think there's a jihadi under the bed.

But you can't deny that there is violent Islamist agitation in the Western World, and that it needs to be addressed.

Muslims crying "Islamophobia!" don't help things. They need to get their act together, collectively speaking. Either they have to accept Western values-- that people have a right to say what they think-- or else they risk being marginalized or worse.

Actually, I think Muslims know better than anyone else this is a problem because a number of them confront it every day. They are often the biggest victims of extremists who can't live and let live. It's the official Muslims and the crybabies who are the problem. Not to mention the leftist multiculturalists who keep trying to sweep this stuff under the carpet.