Thursday, November 03, 2011


An Ontario government agency is recommending that abortion become a core hospital service, and that late-term abortion sites be set up in Ontario.

We must not allow this to happen.

It is important that the Minister of Health know about our opposition before the legislature sits.

So please email Health Minister Deb Matthews and express your opposition to the notion of abortion being a core hospital service.

We have to raise some controversy. If we don't create a storm of opposition, it will embolden them to do even more.

Tell the Health Minister to spend our tax dollars on medical care that saves lives.

And please-- don't send nasty letters when you write. Be polite and courteous.

Looking like a jerk does not help our cause.

Now pass on this action item. Email it, post it on facebook, tweet it.

If you really do want abortion defunded, we have to start vocally oppositing it NOW.