Thursday, November 03, 2011

Why abortion is still funded in Ontario

I know that the polls say that Ontarians don't want abortion to be funded.

But these polls don't reveal the whole picture.

The headline today on LSN:

Make abortion ‘core’ hospital service, designate later-term abortion sites, urges Ontario report

This could become a reality in spite of the opposition.


Here's a concept I hope pro-lifers learn: saliency.

It's not enough that a large number of people support a measure. It's a good start, but its not enough.

Saliency measures the depth of support for a measure, and how much people care about an issue.

Opposition to abortion funding is a mile wide and an inch deep in Ontario.

That's why abortion is still funded. That's why there is no protection to the unborn.

We can tout opposition to abortion all we like. If people are not prepared to act on their convictions, it's pointless.

So what we need to do now, is not only convince people, but make people care about abortion funding and the rights of the unborn.

We have to tap into political psychology so that we can find the right strategy not only to convince people about fetal rights but to move them to act accordingly, especially at the ballot box.

If you do not want this to become a reality, then I suggest you contact the government.

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