Monday, November 21, 2011

New Ministry for Abortion Workers Being Planned

Abby Johnson writes:

When a clinic worker decides to leave the abortion industry, it is usually because they suddenly realize they have been living, believing and speaking a lie. They have been betrayed. They have betrayed others. It is a terrible feeling. I can’t think of any feeling that is worse. You thought you were the good guy. Now you realize you were the enemy all along. So, these workers now have to put their trust in a group of people who they have been taught, over and over again, was their enemy…pro-lifers. They take their first leap of faith and ask for help.

Hopefully, they find a group of pro-lifers that are ready and willing to help. Hopefully, this group of pro-lifers will get them in contact with people that can help them get a job, get them on the pathway to spiritual and emotional healing, or get them in contact with someone who can help. But what is the clinic workers biggest fear? MONEY. How will they support their family? How will they pay their mortgage, buy groceries, pay doctor bills, pay for utilities? These are REAL issues that must be addressed.

It is incredibly unfair for the pro-life movement to say things like, “just take a leap of faith and God will provide for you.” Really? Most hard core Christians I know wouldn’t take that sort of leap. And now you are asking someone who is probably new to the concept of God to take that kind of leap. Not fair. And quite honestly, it is kind of irresponsible. They do need to have a backup plan in place. You can’t just jump without a safety net. That would be foolish. If you had never walked a tightrope before, you would want a net underneath you, right? Well, these people have never (or have not in a long time) walked with God…they need a net under them.

Here’s where the problem comes. There is no net. There is actually nothing for clinic workers. No ministry. Nothing. We have hundreds of ministries for women who have had abortions, we have pregnancy centers, but nothing for those that have actually been inside the clinics themselves.

I'd never thought of that before.

We should do something like that in Canada. We should create a system where we find employment for abortion clinic workers. Not to mention spiritual healing.

And then maybe we should have people on Parliament Hill with a sign saying "I regret doing abortions".