Monday, November 21, 2011

The Quebec Archbishop Gets It

This article about Archbishop Gerald Lacroix of Quebec City features a number of excellent quotes. Such as:

“We’ve been shy lately, laid back,” he said. “Society’s done a good job of pushing us back into our churches and sacristies, telling us you don’t have anything to bring to our society, that’s your thing, it’s personal.”

“We need to live our faith in the midst of world and bring the light of Christ to all sectors of society whether it be education, politics, health, you name it, we need to be there.”

“We’re not out there to win votes, not out there to be reelected, not out there for public opinion, we’re there sent out by Christ and his Church to be witnesses of the Good News.

“We need to be that,” he said. “Sometimes it’s very costly, sometimes its hurts, but that’s what it is.”


When he became Quebec archbishop last February, he said journalists asked him, “You’re a young man, a young bishop, how are you going to adapt the Gospel so it will be receivable by today’s modern men and women?”

“I don’t think it’s the Gospel we need to adapt,” he said. “It’s our lives that we need adapt to be faithful to the Gospel. “

I'm waiting for him to say something that will make the crap hit the fan in the Quebec media, Catholic or secular. When he makes such a statement, I will know he means it.