Friday, December 09, 2011

VIDEO: "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant"--- and a challenge to feminists

Yesterday, I went to the gym, and while I was on the treadmill watching the tv on the wall, I discovered a new, fascinating show on TLC: "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant".

It's a show that tells the stories of women who go through nine months of pregnancy unaware of their condition until delivery.

And what do each of them say when they're told they're pregnant?

"I can't be pregnant! I'm on birth control!"

In this particular episode, the woman who is telling her story says that she did not really want children.

And yet she only discovers she is pregnant when she is in the hospital and her contractions are one minute apart and the baby is about to be delivered.

So, feminists, here's my question:

Should this mother have had the right to abort her baby at this stage of pregnancy?

We wouldn't want to support forced motherhood would we?

In case you're wondering, the mom ends up falling in love with her baby the first time she holds him.

Pro-lifers, if you have not looked into this show, you should.

One last thing: we need to promote this show far and wide to dispel the myth that you cannot become pregnant on birth control. This series shows that people think it's impossible. And even though people know theoretically it can happen, they don't think it can happen to them,. They engage in wishful thinking.