Thursday, December 08, 2011

Why the Poor-Choicers Won't Debate

Says One Canadian Poor Choicer:

So I'll give another reason, the one we all know but don't say.

Are you ready? It's earth shattering.

We don't debate because we already won.

My friends in business tell me a big rule of sales is not to sell past the close. This deal is closed, people, and we won. For us, debate is a waste of our time. In the real world, the world in which abortion is legal and considered a human right, our time is better spent ensuring access is available to all women, that those in PEI and New Brunswick who continue to flagrantly defy the law stop, and that reproductive justice is available to everyone.

It's true, in one sense. Abortion is completely legal in Canada.

When you start debating what you've won, you can lose what you have.

So Poor-Choicers don't debate. There's a great paucity of poor-choicers in my combox, even though I do not censor their (polite) comments.

So how do we make the pro-aborts lose what they have?

You persuade people.

Nevermind trying to pick a fight with poor-choicers.

Just make your argument to those in the middle. Just state the truth. The truth has a power of its own.

And when people wake up to the truth of abortion, the poor-choicers will come running.

As it is, just the fact that a poor-choicer responded says something.

Because when you're convinced you've won, you don't have to say it. Everyone knows it.

I don't give white supremacists  the time of day. I don't address genuine misogynists, the few that are still around. I don't worry about absolute monarchists.

I worry about people may potentially threaten what I value.

When poor-choicers have to remind people that they've won, that says something.