Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gee, I wonder why self-abortion is a crime (in some jurisdictions)

If a woman wants to kill herself with abortion that should be her choice! #sarcasm

It's all about abortion being "safe and legal!"
An Elkton-area woman who illegally gave a pregnant 16-year-old an abortion pill is facing five years in prison after accepting a plea deal.

The victim suddenly experienced acute pain after taking the pill, putting her in the hospital, prosecutors said. Several hours later, her baby died after the teen gave birth there, prosecutors added.

And if an infant has to die because of some woman's incompetent attempt at abortion, well tough luck baby! Right feminists? Right!

A Cecil County grand jury handed up the two-count indictment against Craine in August - about two months after she mail-ordered a packet of abortion pills, RU-486, off an overseas website and gave them to the victim, prosecutors reported.

At the time, according to Urick, the teen was "20 weeks and five days" into her pregnancy.

Doctors who treated the pregnant teen at Union Hospital in Elkton told investigators and prosecutors that RU-486 must be taken during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy only, according to Urick.

Craine failed to follow other instructions relating to the abortion pills she gave the victim, according to prosecutors.


While the statute allows prosecutors to charge doctors and others who perform abortions of viable fetuses, meaning they could survive on their own outside the womb, it doesn't permit them to charge the pregnant women who arrange for and undergo abortions.

Because God forbid women might have to be accountable for their actions when it results in the demise of others.

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