Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ad from Orlando Abortion Clinic Website

Maybe it's because I'm from Canada, but I found this ad on an Orlando abortion clinic website to be ridiculous:

A three minute pain-free abortion, and you can drive yourself home.

Plus a free pap smear!

Is that a way to perform and market abortion?

At the Morgentaler clinic, the staff will turn you away if you are driven and don't have your driver with you.

Even if your sedation wears off in thirty minutes, is it such a good idea to be alone during your abortion? What if you hemorrhage? 

And here's another salient point about Morgentaler's clinic:

Electronic devices i.e. computers, PDA’s, cell phones, mp3 or audio players, etc. These devices will not be allowed into the clinic for your privacy and safety.

But this Orlando clinic is offering free wi-fi. Hm.....

I can just imagine one patient photographing another with her laptop while she's not looking and posting it on her facebook. Weirder things have happened.