Sunday, February 05, 2012

Is this for real? Scan your fetus with your smartphone

I happened upon this Youtube with an accompanying article.


If you are pregnant and have a smartphone, you can now scan your fetus. The technique is free and developed by Fyens Stiftstidende

The 32-year-old IT expert Camilla Jensen from Odense was three months pregnant when she got a brilliant idea.

- My girlfriend had just got a smart phone and downloaded the app, where you can scan barcodes and view information about the item. He was like a little child who had a new toy, and so I said to him: If it's so good to scan, you can not also just scan me, says Camilla Jensen.

- At first we laughed at it, but then I remembered that the mobile emits a magnetic field. Completely similar to the one you use in an MRI scanner at the hospital. What if you combined it with the barcode scanner continues Camilla Jensen.

After a few hours to program the two functions together, the IT expert, ready to test it on himself.

- My boyfriend turned on the scanner and gently stroked the phone over my stomach. Suddenly there was a razor-sharp image of the fetus, and by moving the phone around a bit, we could distinguish details.

It was there I found out that I was expecting a little boy. It was just so amazing that I started to cry. Both to see my baby and to have saved 3000 kroner for a scan, says Camilla Jensen.

When she returned from maternity to his work at Digital Media, she told her boss about the invention.

- He was a little skeptical, but then I hand scanned his stomach with an iPhone and found that he had removed the appendix. So he was convinced, clay Camilla Jensen.

What will the baby be called?

A program for a smart phone called an app, and then scan provides the first glimpse of the child, gave the name itself: FirstApp.

Scanning the image may course uploaded instantly to Facebook, just like phone gps feature allows you to go to Google Maps and see where the scan is performed.

FirstApp installs itself on your iPhone or Android phone and can be downloaded from absolutely free.

I googled it but the material is all in Danish.

It sounds like it could be true, but I couldn't find any sources that confirmed it for me.

If this is true, this could potentially revolutionize pregnancy counseling. Pro-lifers can show women in crisis pregnancies what their fetus looks like without an ultrasound.

UPDATE at 12:39 pm on February 6th.

A pro-life Tweep of mine gives this opinion:

My engineer husband says it's malarky - mri's have huge magnets smartphones can't match.