Saturday, February 11, 2012

Canon Law as a solution to Church Sex Abuse: HA!

That's all I have to say to comments suggesting that.

Bishops routinely neglect canon law. On all kinds of issues. And nothing ever happens to them.

Pro-life Catholics have been complaining for years about so-called Catholic politicians who vote for abortion and yet are still considered Catholics in good standing. Virtually no bishop denies them Communion, especially in Canada.

Will Canon Law be applied when there's a risk someone might go to jail because of it?

Not bloody likely.

There is a culture of widespread dissent in this Church. Bishops don't actually have to be faithful to the Magisterium. And while it is true that Bishops are the heads to the church in their dioceses, no one with any power ever calls them on anything, so why would it be any different with sexual abuse?

Just look at the Development and Peace scandal. Money is clearly going to groups that support abortion.

In spite of all the fuss, pro-abortion groups are still supported. The bishops who visited Haiti on a D & P trip were greeted by a pro-abortion activist for crying out loud!

I think applying Canon Law would do some good. If it were applied.

Not gonna happen. Sorry Vatican officials. Until you start kicking butt for not applying Canon Law on other issues, invoking Canon Law won't solve a damned thing.