Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Extremist Far-Right and Xenophobic Gays in Europe

I don't know how true this is, but I think it's worth bringing up. I thought it made sense:

Last week I came across a French article, which reviews a book. Its title is Why Did the Gays Move to the Right? (Pourquoi les gays sont passés à droite) written by Didier Lestrade, a Frenchman, who appears to be a prominent gay activist, founder of an organization called Act Up.

In his angry book he laments the fact that many people from the gay community have succumbed to nationalism.(...) They did so because they were seduced by “the sirens of Sarkozy’s liberalism”. Even worse, by being hostile to Islam, the homosexuals let themselves be wooed by the extreme right.


Just like in the case of apostasy, Islam has an easy and clear solution to the gay problem – just execute them. Is it any wonder that the homosexuals are scared?

When faced with the tough choice of deciding whom to support – gays or Muslims – the European elites always take the side of the Muslims, because that’s safer (unlike Muslims, gays won’t stab you with a knife).

The paradox is that the nationalists like Marine Le Pen or Geert Wilders support homosexuals as potential victims of the Muslim fanaticism, while the progressive socialist cowards are ready to betray them.

The ordinary homosexuals who have to live among other ordinary people face every day that primitive hatred and support political parties, which can protect them.

It’s just another case of reality trumping the delusional world of those who want to control everybody’s lives…

I just wonder how that would play out in North America. I don't think the Muslim threat is as big here, so I don't think progressives will "betray" homosexuals at this point in time.