Saturday, March 03, 2012

What Sun News Network Needs

I second this!
Documentaries. I think there is a hunger for more of the well directed, finely produced, deeper story that can be told in the documentary format. After the the testimonials, charts, graphs, analysis and commentary the audience needs a minute of silence to digest the message. Panning over rusting windmills or what have you to let the message sink in. Its a real art. The good guys need to master it. The people need to see it.


Sun News should free up an hour every Sunday night for some appointment television. Run quick ads all week and the entire viewership will show up. The Prime Time line up can have a content bonanza as they interview the directors, experts, and people in the films. There is huge potential for synergy.

And you wouldn't have to pay a pundit to set it up.

This may seem awkward, but how about even a movie hour? Sun's weekend line-up is a bit weak. Why not show old movies (or new movies) that embody conservative values? There are tons of people in this world who have no idea about conservative values or how they are lived because they've never been exposed to them. They don't know what they "look like" in real life.