Sunday, March 04, 2012

Your kid's autism is no excuse

I have a big pet peeve.

People who expect the world to put up with their child's bad behaviour because the kid has autism.

Newsflash: your kid's autism is not the world's problem. Your kid's disruptive behaviour is their problem.

The mom is cast as the victim here because the dentist was telling it like it is.

But a lot of parents of autistic children just expect people to put up with it.

Hey, if the kid is screaming, messing up the place, destroying property, well,that is a problem.

And then the mom has the nerve to go to the press with this?

And the journalist doesn't even have the courtesy to get the dentist's side of the story (although I would not comment if I were him.)

Note how re-scheduling was never suggested as a possible solution. She could have waited for a day when the autistic boy was well and he could have attended school, and the other son could have been treated.

The sense of entitlement that some parents exhibit just irks me to no end.

And no, expecting parents to control their kid or keep them home is not intolerance.

Tolerance is for tolerable behaviours. Screaming, running around, messing up the office and causing general chaos are not tolerable behaviours whatever your condition.

And oh yeah:
“I was devastated that my child could be seen in this way.”

Get used to it. The sooner you face reality, the sooner you can treat problem behaviours.

I am so annoyed that people think they're entitled to some alternate reality because of their kid's disability.